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By: T. Bitterly, A.

Psychological distance. Rather than conceptualizing humor as a frivolous lersonality ancillary behavior, we argue that humor plays a fundamental role in shaping interpersonal perceptions and hierarchies within groups.

Humorous personality

Benign violations: Making immoral behavior funny. From an evolutionary perspective, humorous violations likely originated as threats to physical well-being e. The rise and fall of humor: Psychological distance modulates humorous responses to tragedy. Being funny is not enough: The influence of perceived humor and negative emotional reactions on Brand Attitudes.

Humorous personality

That is, something seems threatening, unsettling, or wrong. Warren, C. Too close for comfort, or too far to care? McGraw, A. Journal of Consumer Research, 45, Across eight experiments, jumorous demonstrate that humor can influence status, but attempting to use humor is risky. See these stories. Differentiating what is humorous from what is not.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 10, A strength of the theory is that it also explains when things are not funny: a situation can fail to be funny because it depicts a violation that does not simultaneously seem benign, or because it depicts a benign situation that has no violation. Encyclopedia of Humor Studies, In collaboration with Caleb Warren, McGraw has been developing and testing a general theory of humor called the benign violation theory.

How 3 Consumer Brands Use Humor to Create Memorable Brand Experiences

The theory builds on work by a linguist, Tom Veatch, and integrates existing humor theories to propose that humor occurs when and humoroks when three conditions are satisfied: 1 a situation is a violation, 2 the situation is benign, and 3 both perceptions occur simultaneously. Humor production and perceptions of psychological health. For example, play fighting and tickling, which produce laughter in humans and other primatesare benign violations because they are physically threatening but persobality attacks.

All Right Reserved. Journal of Consumer Research, 41, Read these blogs.

Humorous personality

Want to know more about the theory? Encyclopedia of Humor Studies, Not a problem: The downside of humorous appeals. Psychological Science, 25, - What Makes Things Funny? Research in HuRL has highlighted three ways that a violation can seem benign: 1 Alternative norms personaliy.

That is, it needs to seem okay, safe, or acceptable. What makes things funny? About The Author.

Humorous personality

When does humorous marketing communications hurts brand attitudes? International Journal of Advertising.


Read about Dr. Benign Violation Theory. The relationship between the successful use of humor and status is mediated by perceptions of confidence and competence.

Humorous personality

Brooks, and M. Interestingly, telling both appropriate and inappropriate jokes, regardless of the outcome, als confidence. More from the Authors. Finding humor in distant tragedies and close mishaps. Although aling confidence typically increases status, telling inappropriate jokes als low competence and the combined effect of high confidence and low competence harms status.

Journal of Marketing Behavior, 2, Social Psychology and Personality Science,5, The successful use of humor can increase status in both new and existing relationships, but unsuccessful humor attempts e.

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Williams, L. Bitterly, A. Brooks and M. For example, play fighting and tickling cease to elicit laughter either when the attack stops strictly benign or becomes too aggressive malign violation. Humor, comedy, and consumer behavior. Personality and Social Psychology Review. For a violation to produce humor it also needs to be perceived as benign. Bitterly, T.

Journal of Marketing Behavior, 1, However, most things that are violations do not make people laugh.

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